LCD Buyback Program

Our base offer is directly connected to our market support.  We are a Store Credit System Only.  We do not pay cash for used screens.  

Credits Only:

All quoted buyback prices are based on a store credit. Currently, only store credit is offered.

Grading Criteria:

We will make the final determination on the grading when we process the buyback. Original LCDs must have a working Original LCD. We are not currently buying back any Aftermarket LCDs.


The shipping is the sender’s responsibility. Please pack the LCDs carefully so they are not damaged in shipment.

Minimum Quantity:

A minimum of 25 LCDs per buyback shipment is required.

Unusable LCDs:

Any unusable LCDs will not receive a credit and will be recycled.

Mailing Address: ATTN: BUYBACK
PO BOX 197
Mount Airy MD 21771 US

Policy Changes

These policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.