Rewards and benefits
Partnership Options
Standard Account: Web-Price + Network Access + National warranty
Premium Account: Free Shipping + Quantity Price Advantage + Education?
Value Reseller: Anytime Discount Code and Tier Pricing?
Franchise: Direct Store Fulfillment, Rewards Discount, Team Pricing?

Standard and Premium: Promotions and Quantity Price Discount are key to prevailing discount.  

Standard AccountFree CPR-Network Membership, newsletter promotion, and seasonal discount code.

Premium Account: Eligible newsletter promotion, everyday discount code, and upgrade to Quantity Price Account.

Reseller and Franchise: Volume is the key to prevailing discount.

Value Reseller Account: Eligible for newsletter promotion, anytime discount code, and tier pricing.

Franchise Account: Direct Store Fulfillment, newsletter promotion, rewards discount, and team pricing.

Let's get started

Bestlcds’ primary focus:  Supply Quality Repair Parts for Cellphone and Tablet Repair.

Our channel partners range from wholesale distribution and retail service to franchise service centers and e-tailers. Our products ship directly from the factory to our clients in North America, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.

At Bestlcds, we value relationships.  After 30 years of manufacturing and distribution, we have come to believe that our business is always to serve others.  Hence, why we propagate long-term plans to accommodate individual care and supply for our clients.