What is going on with device repair?

Have you ever broke your phone? Many have, including us.  Everyone has a moment of lapse.  When this happens for most of us, it is uncharted waters.  Surprisingly, even most techs have an issue with microtechnology, progressive innovation, and adaptation repair.

Wait… What?  Yeah, it gets worst.  Did you know most cellphone technicians have to learn on their own, with no help from the manufacturer?  It’s true, gadget repair industry is the wild west.  This is why we promote our quality manufacturing, coupled with a strong quality service network.

We have over 30 years experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, eCommerce, as well as, Retail and Service Center operations.

Bestlcds.com is an eCommerce supplier of cell phone and tablet repair parts in North America, Europe, and The Middle East.  Components are high-quality CE, GS, UL certified.   We have quality control standards to offer ODM services across many sectors.  Our quality control standards allow us to not only offer ODM services but OBM as well.  This includes our own OEM products and full-service logistics and source from China. 

Bestlcds.com supports straightforward procurement allocation with streamline logistics and quality aftercare protocol.  We are not your average CPR company.

As the Manufacturer of many products, we take time to get familiar, not just with parts and assembly, but markets and logistics as well.  Industries have strong players in the market space as an anchor to the cause.  Though we are not the manufacturer of your device, we do have the full solution for a design to fit product of high standards that gives rise to our credibility of our claim.  The validity of our claim is proven in our failure rate.  As they say, “Proof is in the pudding.”

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Service Network

Device Repair is available in your town.  The question is who is qualified?  To find a qualified tech, you only need to buy one of our products then you will automatically have 24/7 access to our network of qualified technicians.