is the pioneer in screen manufacturing and design.  We have set the standard for high-quality replacement screens.  Our factory in China has been manufacturing for over twenty years.   All of our screens come with lifetime warranty.  We fulfill product for independents, major franchises, and large supply chains.  No order is to small for our care and no order is too big to fulfill.

If you are looking for excellent quality in the competitive market space, our Designed-To-Fit Screens are the gold standard in AAA Aftermarket LCDs.

If color and brightness is a driving quality you are looking for, then our Designed-To-Spec Premium Screens are the way to go.

If the real thing is all you can live with, then look no further than our carrier approved Restore-To-Spec Screens; they are the must-have!

No matter the choice you or your customer make, in the end, there are no better screens than screens!

Side by side comparison of our Premium Screen vs Out of the Box New Phone.



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